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Postpartum Mamas Support Group

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

– Mahatma Gandhi



Fees & Information

Postpartum Mamas support groups are FREE for all mothers and donation based for facilities. Suggested $59 annual registration donation per member.

We offer mental health support groups for mothers that are held once a month for 1.5 hours, lead by a facilitator or volunteer in your facility. We provide a 9-month mental health curriculum "PPM Kit" and a safe space to share our stories in a unified confidential support group. We gather together and share our stories. Member consents are signed to ensure group confidentiality. PPM does not diagnose mental health conditions and we only refer mothers to licensed practioners for additional support if requested, under Resources.

Postpartum Mamas is pleased to donate 50% of all proceeds to our Mamas Mental Health Fund. This Fund helps mothers who are in mental health crisis or simply need extra help within their homes with their families and children. The more Postpartum Mamas is able to integrate our curriculum into all facilities, the more mothers will be receiving improved and accessible mental health resources. Mothers can apply online under Mamas Mental Health Fund which is reviewed by the Board of Directors upon approval. 


Thank you for your joint efforts in contributing to and providing improved mental health care for all mothers nationwide. This alone is a true gift that will make a pivotal difference in many mothers lives and we are so excited to be able to offer this assistance for all mothers in need. We kindly thank you for any donations you would like to contribute to our Non-Profit Organization. You may donate under our donate tab. 

For facilities such as churches hospitals etc: POSTPARTUM MAMAS has created 2 versions of our Postpartum Mamas Support group Program for facilities. One version of our 9-month curriculum is for churches with our original faith-based program and the second version is our Postpartum Mamas Hospital Edition Curriculum which neutralizes and eliminates  faith for the hospitals neutralized mainstream preferences.  Please be sure to specify which version your facility prefers to purchase. All members now receive FREE monthly membership.


Please see facilities integration cost on enrollment form below. 

-9 mth Curriculum and 9 Healing Module Videos for each support group

(required for facilities to host their support groups)



9-month Curriculum 


*In addition facilities will also get our 9-month PPM designed group handouts for facilitators and members for each monthly group.*


  • Some facilities may choose to hold one meeting for multiple groups on the same day and time. This can be achieved by adding various tables and facilitators to one space. 


  • All members & facilitators receive free membership, and providing childcare assistance is at the discretion of each facility. Breast-feeding babies & babies in arms are welcome up to age one. 


  • All mothers will be life-time members of PPM and have all of the same access to the resources of PPM.


  • 50% of proceeds goes towards our Mamas Mental Health Fund as described above. Postpartum Mamas will always be passionate about giving back to mothers and helping with any and all mental health needs. See Mamas Mental Health Fund Application under Membership & FORMS. We appreciate any and all donations. Please go to Mamas Mental Health Fund/Donate on our website to make a donation. 

Postpartum Mamas Kit

PPM KIT  for all facilities (churches/hospitals)

This includes:

PPM 9 MTH Curriculum and 9 Healing Module Videos

Curriculum is required for facilitators and facilities 

Healing Module Videos are optional 

Facilitator Benefits

In addition to the same benefits as members, facilitators will receive free monthly membership, the chance to engage and share their personal journey which will positively impact other mothers, practice their leadership skills, contribute towards positive changes and awareness in the Postpartum community, and an opportunity to give back to their communities. They will also receive a life-time PDF format of the purchased nine-month PPM curriculum to gain an unlimited amount of knowledge of the PPM curriculum in order to gain more crucial awareness and understanding of the significant and similar experiences mothers face nationwide with a goal to unify mothers in all communities.

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