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Postpartum Mamas Support Group




We have identified 9 mental health topics women struggle with in postpartum and in the early years of motherhood. Each month there is a specific topic we address in our group which are outlined below. We provide a structured yet intimate setting, with guided questions and margin for vulnerability. Our support groups are a safe place to share all your burdens and gain positive support. For some inspirational monthly songs to help in your healing process, feel free to refer to our sample song list below. 


Suicide Prevention Month:

Grief/Loss/Anger/Guilt/Loneliness/Persecution/From Ashes to a Ray of Hope/Freedom from Mental Bondage

Songs: HillSong “I am Who You Say I Am,” Kari Jobe “I Am Not Alone,” Shawn McDonald “Rise,” Steven Malcolm “Even Louder,” Natalie Grant “My Weapon,” Pauline Wick “New Song,” Linkin Park “One More Light,” Natalie Taylor "Surrender," Natalie Taylor "Where's My Love," Rascall Flatts "What Hurts the Most," Freya Ridings, "Lost Without You," Liv Harland "Dancing in the Sky, Jonathan Taylor "Table," Jordan Hart "Freedom," Elevation Worship "Quiet," Tauren Wells "Grace."

September 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day


Mental Health Month:

Depression and Postpartum Depression/Domestic Violence Awareness Month/ Out of the Shadows & Darkness/ Forever Redeemed, Hopeful, and Saved.

Songs: Hillsong “Broken Vessels,” Hillsong “Even When it Hurts I’ll Praise You,” Bethel “Raise a Hallelujah,” Mercy Me “Even If,” For King and Country "God Only Knows," Tauren Wells, "God's Not Done With You," Natalie Grant "Praise You in this Storm," Tauren Wells "Hills and Valleys," Elevation Worship "Let Go."

  • October 5th: National Depression Screening Day

  • October 10th Mental Health Day

  • October 15th: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (Nov Topic)


Infertility/Miscarriage/Infant Loss/Pregnancy Complications/God’s Glory, Mercy, & Divine Plan

Songs: Leeland “Good Mother,” Lauren Daigle “Rescue,” Michael W Smith “Let it Rain,” Michael W. Smith “Miracles,” Brian and Jenn Johnson "You're Going to be Ok," Hannah Kerr "Warrior," Nicole Nordeman "Sound of Surviving," Elevation Worship "There is a Cloud," Bethel "You're Faithful," Ken Blount "For this Child," Bethel Music and Emmy Rose "Promises Never Fail."

(*Honor of Oct 15th Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness)

1-7th: National Vocation Awareness Week


No Session (Winter Break)



Vocational Dreams and Goals Month

Songs: Hillary Scott “Still,” Meredith Andrews “Soar,” Laura Story “Open Hands,” Natalie Taylor "Lift Me Up," Michael Ketterer "Spirit Lead Me," Anthem Lights "Who I'm Meant to Be."

(*Honor of Nov 1-7th: Vocation Awareness Week)



Self-Identity Month:


Songs: Lauren Daigle “You Say,” Mercy Me “Flawless,” Lauren Daigle “Love Like This,” Big Daddy Weave “Overwhelmed,” Mack Brock "I am Loved," Riley Clemmons "Fighting for Me."

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day


Personal Wellness Month:

Nutrition/Healing Techniques/Inner-Healing/Self-Care/Healed and Mended

Songs: Michael W. Smith “This is How I Fight my Battles,” Michael W. Smith “Do It Again,” Crowder “Come As You Are,” Mathew West “Mended,” Christy Nockels “Healing is in Your Hands,” Kari Jobe “Healer,” "Riley Clemmons "Healing." 

  • March 8th International Women’s Day.



Month of the Spirit:

Anxiety/Fear/Peace/ Blessings & Faith

Songs: Leeland “Way Maker,” Francesca Battistelli “Defender,” Michael W. Smith “Open the Eyes of my Heart,” Elevation Worship Acoustic “Give Me Faith,” Jeremy Camp "I Still Believe," Brandon Heath "Don't be Afraid," Mosaic "This is how I thank the Lord," Hillsong United "Make a Way," Lakewood Music "In the Name"

  • April 12th: Easter & Stress Awareness Month

  • 7th: World Health Day & 16th National Stress Day

  • April 21-29th National Infertility Awareness Month



Celebrating Motherhood Month: Positive Parenting Skills/Struggles through Motherhood/Pain/Remembering The Lost/Forever Hope

Songs: Michael W Smith “Awesome God,” Michael W Smith “Light to You,” Michael W. Smith “Reckless Love,” Phil Wickman “Living Hope,” Edward Rivera "Nothing Else," Leeland "Wait Upon the Lord," Amanda Lindsey Cook "House on a Hill," Lydia Walker "You were made for This," Elle Holcomb "You are Loved," Nicole Nordeman "Slow Down," Rascall Flatts "My Wish For You."

(*In Honor of April 21-29 National Infertility Month)

Mental Health Awareness Month

May 10th: Mother’s Day



Support Systems Month: Community-Social-Family-Interpersonal Relationships/Marriage/Unconditional Love and Support/Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness for Ourselves and Others/Justice/Security and Safety at Home in the Throne

Songs: Jack Johnson “It’s Always Better When We’re Together,” Michael W Smith “Your House,” Michael W. Smith “Build My Life,” Michael W. Smith “Light to You,” John Mayer “Half of my Heart,” Francesca Battistelli “Angel by your Side,” Coldplay “Sky Full of Stars,” Kate Perry “Unconditionally,” Michael Smith “Healing Rain,”  Brandon Heath "I'm Not Who I Was," Brandon Heath "Love Never Fails," Mercy Me “Finally Home,” Hillsong “Amazing Grace,” Newsboys “Jesus Paid it All,” Mercy Me “I Can Only Imagine.”

Women’s Health Care Month

Father’s Day June 21

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