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50% of all PPM Proceeds & donations will go directly back into our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to giving tangible Mental Health Resources for them when in need or in crisis. This will be an application process on our website approved by our Board of Directors per application.

Our hopes are to provide all mental health assistance including but not limited to counseling appointments when needed, mental health and postpartum pregnancy doctors appointments, holistic doctors appointments not covered by insurance such as acupuncture and massage to reduce anxiety, midwife and doula appointments, babysitting/childcare assistance, cleaning assistance, meal trains and meal assistance, grocery assistance, self-care retreat assistance, fitness/health management assistance, bible retreats assistance, personal wellness assistance, educational/career assistance to pursue degrees or contribute towards schooling or vocational certificates, women/mother empowerment to achieve her dreams.


We are here and always will be here for all the mothers we serve and hopeful that the more donations we receive, the more we will be able to achieve these goals and the mission of Postpartum Mamas. Thank you for contributing to improving the mental health of mothers with every donation received. 


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Thank you for your support!


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Address to Mail Checks

PO Box 2684 

Gig Harbor WA 98336

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by Haylee Miller

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This spring I separated from my husband. The situation was violent and abusive. I was concerned for my safety and my childrens safety. This included concern of our physical safety and ongoing emotional abuse. I joined ppm some months prior to exiting my marriage. Ppm is a safe place to talk about fears, challenges, housing, financial situations, childcare, parenting, domestic violence and many other subjects relating to women. Ppm was a safe place for me to discuss the domestic violence situation I was in and how to navigate that. They were encouraging to me during these situations. When I first left my husband the YWCA helped me to develop a safety plan. I left during the night while my husband was at work. We went to a friend of a relatives home that was on the Washington coast. This was a place I had never been to and I felt quite sure that my husband would not be able to find us. We stayed there a week while the YWCA helped me with the legal steps of getting a restraining order and having my husband removed from the property. The YWCA was not able to take my case, due to the case load they already have. There is a huge lack of legal help for women and children trying to flee domestic violence. I was told to get an attorney. I did this but as of yet have received no child support or spousal maintenance, even though husband is employed full time. I started working at the end of August, but my job is not enough money to feed my children and pay the bills. I am thankful for my job, even though I work alot of hours and the schedule is unpredictable. I am awaiting help from my attorney and a judge. Ppm has been a great support to me. If ppm was able to provide housing to mother's and children this would have been helpful to me. As I proceed with my divorce, I don't know if I will be forced to sell my home. With the extreme housing costs I don't know where my children and I will live if that situation happens to us. Husband is on a mission to punish me and wants to see me loose the home that the children and I need. If Ppm was able to house mom's and children it would be reassuring to know that we wouldn't be facing homelessness. I also see a huge need for more legal aide to be available to women. I am thankful for Ppm and feel the future will bring more opportunities to support women and children. 

Your Generous Donations & Support

Your generous grants & donations from our local community donors have enabled us to assist within our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund to assist many mothers during crisis with educational, housing, food, physical & family sickness, and mental health assistance. Thank you for your community support towards our Organization and our mothers so deserving of continued mental health support. 

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