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50% of all PPM Proceeds & donations will go directly back into our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to giving tangible Mental Health Resources for them when in need or in crisis. This will be an application process on our website approved by our Board of Directors per application.

Our hopes are to provide all mental health assistance including but not limited to counseling appointments when needed, mental health and postpartum pregnancy doctors appointments, holistic doctors appointments not covered by insurance such as acupuncture and massage to reduce anxiety, midwife and doula appointments, babysitting/childcare assistance, cleaning assistance, meal trains and meal assistance, grocery assistance, self-care retreat assistance, fitness/health management assistance, bible retreats assistance, personal wellness assistance, educational/career assistance to pursue degrees or contribute towards schooling or vocational certificates, women/mother empowerment to achieve her dreams.


We are here and always will be here for all the mothers we serve and hopeful that the more donations we receive, the more we will be able to achieve these goals and the mission of Postpartum Mamas. Thank you for contributing to improving the mental health of mothers with every donation received. 


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Thank you for your support!


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PO Box 2684 

Gig Harbor WA 98336

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by Natalia Solakian


I was raised in the Church at the age of 7 when my mom gave her life over to Jesus. I remember  seeing people wave their hands in the air, and praise God and flags of Israel waving all over the church  setting. Then at the age of 16, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I began missionary work at 19. I decided in my heart that I would follow God. I went through some ups and downs, but Jesus has always  protected me and kept me on the right path and He has been a light for me all of my life. 

In the Spring of 2020, I met the father of my baby who I didn’t know had a hidden anger issue  and a track record of broken relationships. Not only was he a womanizer but he also had a criminal  record that he hid from me. He was verbally and physically violent with me when I was pregnant and  afterwards during my post-partum, he strangled me. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me out of that relationship as it was dragging me down and keeping me away from the presence of God and from spiritual growth.  When I decided to leave him, and took my four-month old baby to a family shelter nearby, he found out  where I was and he decided to plot on my life and called CPS and made false allegations about my  mental health and had them take my son away from me by two police officers and the CPS social  worker. I went into a deep depression. Immediately the court set up counseling, domestic violence  courses, parenting classes and I found Post-Partum Mama’s on Facebook. The court extended my  improvement period to January 20, 2023 in order to reinstate my custody. I am a good mother and I  believe that I have been persecuted for my faith. I also believe that God will give me the victory in the  name of Jesus! I have been doing everything the court needs me to do and has mandated me to do. I am  praying for a miraculous turn around and for God to favor my son and I and my entire blood family and  that Jesus would speak a better Word over me because He always will! May my son be returned to me  in the name of Jesus, and may God secure my destiny and that of my family in Christ and of my son in  Jesus’ name, amen! 

God has used Post-Partum Mamas tremendously in my life and as a result, my peace has  returned to me for the wonderful fellowship, accountability and sisterhood that the group provides. The  sense of ease in which the group flows, and the very evident and tangible love of God that is vividly  expressed through all of the mamas here! My mental health in terms of anxiety and depression has  decreased substantially, all glory to God! 
Post-Partum Mamas has also helped me in terms of finances. With the help of Olivia Sheridan  and the rest of the leadership team, I was able to go fly out to West Virginia to see my son in October of  2022 and again with PPM, I will be able to see him once again in January 2023 and spend some very  valuable time with him that I know both him and I will cherish for years to come.

I hope to see the day that Post-Partum Mamas begins to launch globally so that the help that  our group receives will be able to be spread abroad for many more to benefit from! Including the low income housing program that I believe Olivia Sheridan initiated and has a dream of. My prayer is that  she continues to receive the proper funding to help as many mamas as possible. All moms deserve to be loved, treated with respect and held in high honor and have access to receive financial assistance to  provide for their family and have housing services facilitated to them year-round. It is not only a benefit  but a great blessing from God.  

Your Generous Donations & Support

Your generous grants & donations from our local community donors have enabled us to assist within our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund to assist many mothers during crisis with educational, housing, food, physical & family sickness, and mental health assistance. Thank you for your community support towards our Organization and our mothers so deserving of continued mental health support. 

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