50% of all PPM Proceeds & donations will go directly back into our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to giving tangible Mental Health Resources for them when in need or in crisis. This will be an application process on our website approved by our Board of Directors per application.

Our hopes are to provide all mental health assistance including but not limited to counseling appointments when needed, mental health and postpartum pregnancy doctors appointments, holistic doctors appointments not covered by insurance such as acupuncture and massage to reduce anxiety, midwife and doula appointments, babysitting/childcare assistance, cleaning assistance, meal trains and meal assistance, grocery assistance, self-care retreat assistance, fitness/health management assistance, bible retreats assistance, personal wellness assistance, educational/career assistance to pursue degrees or contribute towards schooling or vocational certificates, women/mother empowerment to achieve her dreams.


We are here and always will be here for all the mothers we serve and hopeful that the more donations we receive, the more we will be able to achieve these goals and the mission of Postpartum Mamas. Thank you for contributing to improving the mental health of mothers with every donation received. 


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