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Postpartum Mamas Support Group

He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.”

– Psalm 103:5




Postpartum Mamas is pleased to offer our Postpartum Mamas program and nine-month mental health support groups for free to any and all mothers who need and desire to be connected into a support group of mothers for positive encouragement and fulfillment. Our support groups focus on providing mental health support groups with a maximum of 13 mothers per group. Babies held in arms welcome. For more details about group click on our downloadable program on our homepage or simply go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page. 

 Enrollment enables for life-time Postpartum Mamas Membership & access to our private fb messenger & Postpartum Mamas FB Community, for daily support from our mothers. 50% of our donation proceeds goes back to our Mamas Mental Health Fund to help mothers who are experiencing crisis or need extra assistance within their households. Please see Mamas Mental Health Fund under Forms. We welcome and appreciate all forms of donations. 


Simply Fill out our Membership Enrollment, Non-Disclosure and Consent Form below to become a member or facilitator/volunteer of Postpartum Mamas. We are excited to get you connected in a local support group with a local facilitator near you.

 $49 PPM Kits provided to follow along with at your support group, see details below.


  • *Suggested $59 annual registration donation

  • Payment accepted via credit card or venmo @Postpartum Mamas.

  • $50 one-time fee for our PPM Curriculum

  • Facilitators get free membership. They pay for $49 PPM Kit


Financial Aid Available when needed. 



Volunteer to host support group in your area with a one-year commitment. 

Upon enrolling you will receive our $49 "PPM Kits" and can host our Postpartum Mamas support group from anywhere in the world, and you can re-host your support groups yearly.

Postpartum Mamas Kit

"PPM KIT" $49 ( KIT for members & facilitators)

This includes:

PPM 9-month Mental Health Curriculum and 9 Healing Module Videos


All materials will be emailed via PDF upon enrollment.


This Kit is for enrolled mothers who would like the curriculum to follow along with during group or any mothers wanting the extra mental health support to learn from at home, that are not enrolled or do not attend groups. 

Membership Benefits

✔︎  Once or twice a month support group options in person or via zoom depending on member & facilitator preferences.

✔︎  Online Virtual Zoom support groups available for members, facilitators, or facilities that wish to facilitate their groups virtually on zoom

✔︎  Virtual facilitator leadership meetings hosted three times a year in September, January, and May in person or via zoom.

✔︎  Lifetime Enrollment in PPM Program which includes monthly community support 1x or 2x per month support group as well as life-time access to the PPM private FB group to form an authentic community in a safe and non-judgmental space to express ourselves with other mothers who share struggles with the same issues and to show compassion and understanding throughout our journeys.


✔︎  Enrollment in PPM Private FB Support group of your personalized support group of ten to thirteen mothers where you can grow and develop more meaningful support and relationships with your own group of mamas in your support group. This is a place to share about our weekly struggles, and to reach out for help when needed. Ex- in hospital, kids are sick, or giving birth, and need help from mamas with a meal prepared and brought etc. This can be organized within each group if desired. Mothers have access to these groups but by no means are required to participate in them on a weekly basis. This is simply available for those mothers who desire the support in this way in addition to the support group.


✔︎  No yearly enrollment in Postpartum Mamas. One-time enrollment and you are a life-time member.


✔︎  Life-time exposure to PPM nine-month Curriculum Program for each months topic. Access to PPM “sample” Support Group video which shows format, structure, and the rules and guidelines of a PPM support group.


✔︎  Members will be automatically added onto the PPM Vocational Resource List to spread awareness of the diverse and unique vocations members have as mothers, and to most importantly support, encourage and bless one another with our vocational dreams and goals within our communities.


✔︎  Inner healing and unconditional support from other mothers experiencing similar struggles and joys. The chance to develop these friendships outside of group maintaining healthy boundaries of confidentiality inside and outside of group.


✔︎  Resources of books, quotations, inspirations, and verses, as well as personalized Member and Facilitator guide handouts and Video topics at each group. 


✔︎  Contact list of mothers in your group to contact if needed for support outside of group. We ask that the healthy boundaries of PPM confidentiality and PPM Rules and Guidelines are respected. 


✔︎  Contributing to giving to a good cause to non-profits which support advocating for issues relating to the struggles that mothers face in including but not limited to Postpartum depression and which provide immediate resources via phone and within the area they live in, to get the immediate help they need for their mental wellness, as well as giving back to our community in need who need financial assistance during hard times.

✔︎  Contributing to the good cause of helping mamas heal and grow stronger through their own unique struggles through motherhood including but not limited to depression, anxiety, and postpartum related issues to gain emotional support within their Postpartum Mamas community. 

✔︎  Helping to de-stigmatize Postpartum depression and associated related struggles with any correlating misperceptions and supporting and contributing to the vision of PPM with a goal of eventual expansion of PPM nationwide to make an everlasting difference in the lives of mothers who struggle with postpartum for generations to come.


✔︎  Helping to expand the community of PPM in order to have more opportunities to further give back to our community with future assistance to mother’s educations & career goals, aspirations throughout motherhood, holistic healing and mental wellness assistance.


✔︎  Supporting the visions of the PPM support group program to be incorporated into hospitals and churches nationwide so that mothers everywhere struggling with Postpartum have immediate support in their area. Another future goal of PPM is to provide personal counselors contact information on the website for a discounted counseling rate so that members have access to mental wellness assistance within their areas.


✔︎  Give and receive helpful positive and healing resources within your community from other mothers. Being recognized on the PPM Vocational Resource List for our own vocations and supporting and sharing mothers strengths, talents, vocational talents, or recommendations during the Resource/Support time at the end of each session. Some examples of additional shared resources may include exercise classes, painting classes, self-care ideas, yoga/meditation classes, counseling/mental wellness resources, midwife/doula resources, book recommendations, coaching, acupuncture, women’s retreats, and the potential to provide and receive these recommendations to help improve their health/wellness and self-care techniques.

✔︎  Shirts with the logo “The Struggle is Real & God’s Grace is Greater” will also be available to purchase for all members. 

✔︎  Access to mental health resources such as our "Postpartum Resource Kits" which includes our PPM nine-month curriculum and nine healing module videos to play at each support group.


✔︎  Mamas, please join us in this life-impacting journey through the recognition of Postpartum Depression that mothers face every day and everywhere. Lets help contribute to the vision of expanding PPM nationwide so that positive changes can occur for those suffering with Postpartum Depression. The more resources, support, recognition, and contribution in the Postpartum community, the less we will have to suffer alone in silence. We will no longer accept to be silenced any longer. We will no longer accept to feel shame and feel stigmatized for the struggles we face, which are so real and which deserve recognition and positive community awareness. Together we will make life-impacting changes in the Postpartum community for generations to come.

Facilitator Benefits

In addition to the same benefits as members, facilitators will also receive free membership and will receive their "PPM Kits" upon enrollment. They will get a chance to engage and share their personal journey which will positively impact other mothers, practice their leadership skills, contribute towards positive changes and awareness in the Postpartum community, and an opportunity to give back to their communities. They will also receive a life-time PDF format of the purchased nine-month PPM curriculum to gain an unlimited amount of knowledge of the PPM curriculum in order to gain more crucial awareness and understanding of the significant and similar experiences mothers face nationwide with a goal to unify mothers in all communities.

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