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 A Safe Haven Housing Project for Women and Children

Building Hope and Healing: Our sustainable housing project is dedicated to empowering women who are survivors of domestic violence and those grappling with postpartum depression. We provide more than just homes—we create a sanctuary for safety, stability, and a fresh start.

Our Mission

At Postpartum Mamas, our mission is to offer safe and supportive transitional housing to mothers facing postpartum challenges. We provide a nurturing environment for mothers to heal, grow, and empower themselves as they embark on the journey of motherhood.

Key Goals and Objectives

Establishment of Sustainable Housing

The creation of two eco-friendly tiny homes to provide safe, dignified living spaces for mothers and their children in need.

Community Farm Development

Launching a farm to supply fresh produce to the residents and the local community, fostering entrepreneurial skills among mothers.

Empowerment and Transition Program

Implementing a comprehensive program to equip women with the necessary tools and skills for establishing similar initiatives and becoming self-reliant, empowered community members.

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Step Inside: A Glimpse into Future Homes

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Discover the welcoming interiors of our sustainable homes, designed with comfort, security, and tranquility in mind, providing a nurturing haven for our residents.

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