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  • Are PPM support groups confidential and a safe place to come to?
    Absolutely. PPM support groups are strictly confidential groups. Nothing said inside of the group may be taken outside of the group. If confidentiality is breached in any way, the offending member, facilitator, or co-facilitator will be permanently removed from the PPM program. During meetings, members will be discussing heavy topics and experiences. It is up to each member to decide how much she wishes to disclose; she does not have to share anything she does not wish to share.
  • What is the basis for the Postpartum Mamas Mission Statement and what does your program stand for?
    PPM was formed to provide safe, confidential monthly support groups to mothers experiencing all and any struggles through motherhood including but not limited to depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, pregnancy complications, parenting struggles, lack of family support, loneliness, isolation, domestic violence, or any of the other myriad challenges modern mothers face. This program is a support group for ALL mothers who struggle with similar and diverse experiences as mothers. Our stories are different and diverse, but our struggles and perseverance through these struggles are very similar. The goal is to unify in a supportive environment and not feel ashamed to talk about the “deep things” in our lives that can so often not be talked about with even best friends or close family members in fear of judgement or shame. Our goal is to destigmatize these experiences and bring mothers together in community to create positive support systems. All mothers are welcomed and included no matter what they are experiencing, and no matter what their journey has encompassed. Even for a simple desire to form authentic quality friendships based on trust, or release our burdens in a safe place, Postpartum Mamas is here and serves a purpose for all mothers. Together, facilitators, co-facilitators, and members work to create a nonjudgmental, empathetic, and confidential environment that helps mothers to feel heard, valued, and unconditionally supported. The vision of PPM is to increase postpartum mental health resources across the country by integrating the Postpartum Mamas program into local home groups, church’s and hospital facilities, so that all mothers have access to support within their communities nationwide. Postpartum Mamas helps to de-stigmatize Postpartum depression and associated related struggles with any correlating misperceptions that are often placed on mothers. Postpartum Mamas empowers women to be the best version of themselves with goals to make an everlasting difference in the lives of mothers who struggle with postpartum, mental health, infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, anxiety and all related struggles through parenting and motherhood for generations to come. The support group mothers have been missing is finally here. Postpartum Mamas offers support group for mothers experiencing depression, anxiety, miscarriages, infant loss, parenting struggles, grief, and blessings to share; solely to uplift, encourage, and unite in a confidential and safe environment. They say it takes a village; but our village is nowhere to be found in our modern, independent age. Our society has failed at bringing safe, effective healing environments to mothers during the most pivotal transition in her life, Postpartum. Join our movement, find women just like you with struggles just like you.
  • How do I become a member of PPM?
    Postpartum Mamas is pleased to announce free membership to all mothers with a suggested annual registration donation of $59. Preferred but not required. To become a member of PPM, you have a choice of attending a once a month or twice a month support group based upon the calendar schedule of the facilitator or facility you have chosen. In person or virtual zoom options are available depending on the availability in your local community. Upon enrollment you receive life-time membership to Postpartum Mamas support groups as well as the PPM FB group for daily online support. 50% of all PPM donations and proceeds goes directly back to our PPM members into our Mamas Mental Health Fund to help serve our mothers with mental health needs. We thank you for any and all donations towards improving mothers mental health needs. We thank you kindly for any donation you would like to contribute to our Non-profit Organization. The PPM nine-month Curriculum and healing module videos ”PPM Kit” are available to the facilitator for free upon enrollment and available for all mothers for $49, as optional if they wish to follow along with the curriculum during group. Members will be placed in a local support group of ten to thirteen mothers. Facilitators host and lead the support groups. Co-facilitators help the facilitators when needed, read the Preamble at the beginning of each group and host groups for the facilitator when facilitators are sick or have an emergency. We thank you to all volunteers willing to host a support group to help mothers in your area. All members will also be required to turn in their Enrollment Form, Non- Disclosure Form, and their Informed Consent Form prior to attending or leading support groups at PPM. These can be found on the website to submit online. Facilitators receive free membership as well. Facilitators will receive the PPM nine-month program and curriculum in order to have the curriculum tools to lead their own support groups for the PPM nine-month calendar year. We kindly ask that the facilitator commit to leading these support groups for that current entire nine-month calendar year and sign required forms as well. Any following years they wish to facilitate is at the discretion of the facilitator.
  • What services do I receive upon free enrollment in Postpartum Mamas?
    Members receive free monthly community support from other mothers in a confidential and encouraging environment. Members receive a once or twice a month support group option to choose from. They can attend in person support groups or virtually through zoom. Members will get a chance to foster growth of friendships on an authentic and deeper level, positive coping/parenting mechanisms and skills, a chance to speak about their experiences and feelings in a space that is loving, safe, confidential, and supportive, receive holistic healing resources, handouts and journal entries, community resources during support/resource session of group, newfound hope to develop skills for mothering and parenting, personal growth in self-care techniques and healing methods, as well give and receive helpful positive and healing resources. Members will also receive access to PPM’s Facebook group, PPM Private messenger to gain daily support online. Another benefit from membership is being placed on the PPM Vocational Resource List to increase awareness of the unique vocational talents and strength each mother has in order to support, encourage and bless one another with our goals and dreams. Another benefit is sharing additional resources at the end of each support group. Some examples may include exercise classes, yoga/meditation classes, personal coaching, midwives/doula recommendations, counseling/wellness recommendations, and the potential to provide and receive these referrals or services at the end of the group to help improve members health/wellness and self-care. If or when any member is not interested in a resource or referral given at the end of group, that should be respected. Once a member, we encourage members to upload a family photo and biography of your family onto the PPM FB page so that the other mothers can get a chance to get to know who you are. There will also be a contact list given out for mothers to build friendships outside of group as well as gain more support from other moms in their community. Members will also have access to the personalized PPM Book Resource List with resources of one hundred plus books relating to our PPM monthly topics of motherhood, health/wellness, depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, positive parenting skills, motherhood, self-worth, mental health, and healing. 50% of PPM Proceeds and donations are contributed towards our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to giving tangible Mental Health Resources for them when in need or in crisis. We thank you for any donation you would like to contribute to our Non- profit Organization. You may donate under our donate tab. Membership also goes toward PPM materials, brochures, curriculum, and growth of the program by supporting the ultimate vision of expanding PPM nationwide in order to positively impact as many mothers as possible and help destigmatize postpartum depression.
  • How do I become a facilitator or a member/co-facilitator? How do I set up my monthly schedule? What is the maximum number of people allowed in a group? Who can help if I am unable to lead due to illness or traveling?
    The first step in becoming a facilitator is enrolling in Postpartum Mamas and filling out our Facilitator enrollment form online. The Enrollment Form, Informed Consent Form, and Non-Disclosure Forms are required for you to submit online in order for you to lead a group. Once enrollment and required forms are submitted and PPM Curriculum is sent to you, we ask that the facilitator watch the “sample” PPM Support Group video in order to experience the format, structure, rules and guidelines of the PPM meeting and to understand the expectations required of facilitators to lead their own groups in the future. The PPM program will be emailed to all new members in PDF format once they enroll in Postpartum Mamas which includes the Postpartum Mamas Mission Statement, Postpartum Mamas Guidelines and Rules, Postpartum Mamas Membership Form, PPM Monthly Topics Calendar, Non-Disclosure Form, and Informed Consent Form. We ask that the Informed Consent and the Non-Disclosure form be completed, signed and turned in by facilitators, in order to lead your own group at a consistent time and location of your choice. We do ask that meetings take place in the evenings, as this seems to be the easiest time for most mothers to arrange childcare. We ask that facilitators keep the day and week of the month consistent (for example, the first Thursday of every month). Facilitators will set their meeting schedules a full year in advance. Meetings will occur every month EXCEPT for December, July, and August. Facilitators will advise Postpartum Mamas yearly of their meeting schedule so that it can be updated on the PPM website. PPM support groups are made up of a maximum of ten to thirteen members including the facilitator and co-facilitator. The facilitator will follow the PPM Monthly Calendar and nine- month PPM Curriculum to lead their support groups during the nine-month PPM calendar year. If the facilitator is sick or traveling, we ask that the co-facilitator lead group in place of the facilitator for that session and arrange to get the monthly curriculum and be prepared ahead of time for their support group. There will also be a training three times during the year for Facilitators and Co- Facilitators which will be held every September, January, and May for the duration of one hour virtually on zoom. These meetings will be grouped by each state for facilitators and each facility for facilities. Simply go to the Postpartum Mamas website and find all facilitators in your state that host a group. Connect with them through a group text or group email and decide who will be creating the yearly zoom links and a day and time during that month that works for all facilitators. Any concerns may be discussed in group and must be kept confidential.
  • If I am a church, hospital or facility and would like to incorporate the Postpartum Mamas program into our facility, what is the first step?"
    The first step is to go onto the Postpartum Mamas website and fill out and complete the Facility Enrollment, Informed Consent Form, and Non-Disclosure Form and submit online. Each facility will integrate a once a month support group. The facility will pay our annual fees notated under Facility Membership on our website, as well as a $100 required one-time Curriculum Fee for the nine-month PPM Curriculum Program, and also have access to purchase the nine Healing Module Videos for $100, or can purchase the entire “PPM Kit” package for $150 which includes the PPM nine-month Curriculum and the nine Healing Module Videos. Suggested $59 annual registration donation per member. 50% of PPM donations and proceeds are contributed towards our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to give tangible mental health resources for them when in need or in crisis. We also encourage facilities to adopt the same Mental Health Fund for the mothers they serve within Postpartum Mamas. Providing childcare assistance will be at the discretion of each facility. Within PPM support groups, members will be discussing a broad range of potentially heavy adult topics. Therefore, we require that these groups include adults only. Breastfeeding babies under one year of age are welcome only if needed. The purpose of incorporating Postpartum Mamas Program into your facility will be to provide this once-a-month support group which has the capability of growing over time depending on the needs of the members with various tables and facilitators per group, at one scheduled day and time per month only. Facilitators and co-facilitators within your facility will attend the Facilitator Trainings and meet three times a year in person or virtually on zoom, to discuss any information or concerns that need to be addressed or resolved within each group. We ask that the appropriate conflict-resolution skills are used and what is spoken about in the meetings remain confidential, following all the same guidelines in a PPM support group. These facilitator training meetings will occur in September, January, and May for the duration of one hour at a location, day and time chosen by the facility.
  • The basis of the PPM Program is founded on confidentiality and active listening skills with helpful resources given at the end of the meeting. What does 'active listening skills' mean to the PPM program?
    Sharing will continue in a circle as each mother who wishes to share has the chance to do so. Facilitators should ensure that each mother has the opportunity to speak without interruption, advice, or input. While one mother shares, the rest should practice active listening. Active listening requires that each person focus on listening only, reflecting, not interrupting, withholding from judgement, and then actively engaging at the end of session with any feedback or helpful resources. It does not involve giving their opinion or advice, interrupting, or engaging in off topic conversations, or engaging directly after each mother speaks. Active listening requires that engaging in resources is done after every mother is done speaking in the entire circle at the eighty-minute mark during the ten-minute resource/support time. Any mother who does not wish to share that day may of course pass, or she may simply offer a brief description of her feelings that day. Mothers do not have to share if they do not wish to share; they can simply come to be an active listener. Any mother wishing to just share her burdens not relating to the topic or question is encouraged to do so. We ask that time is respected for all mothers to share as well. We encourage mothers to share their support at the end of the meeting to anyone they feel they could support and encourage. We also encourage mothers to grow friendships outside of group while maintaining healthy boundaries of confidentiality and following the PPM guidelines.
  • What are Postpartum Mamas guidelines and practices of faith when structuring and leading Postpartum Mamas Program?
    PPM is founded upon Christian principles to encourage and uplift mothers throughout their journeys, and to strengthen their positive coping mechanisms and healing practices. All mothers regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, or background will be welcomed and supported graciously. PPM serves all mothers of diverse faith backgrounds and treats all mothers with the upmost respect, value, and non-discrimination practices. All mothers are diverse and have different faith systems and that is what makes us all unique. Talks of politics within PPM support groups is strictly discouraged. We welcome all mothers no matter what circumstances in their Postpartum journey, and no mother is excluded based on any circumstances. PPM greatly values diversity of all mothers’ backgrounds, faith systems, and experiences.
  • What are the PPM guidelines when each member speaks during group?
    We ask that members respect that when speaking, there be no speaking negatively about group members, friendships, spouses, or any other relationships. We remind all members that this support group is to speak about and reflect on our own personal journeys only. We strictly ask that members refrain from speaking negatively about anyone else which includes their spouses and friendships. For example, if any members are going through a current crisis or struggle in a relationship, stating that there is a struggle and requesting for prayer is appropriate. We ask that specific details that put the other person in a negative light not be shared. We are here only to encourage each other in all our relationships in a positive way, including relationships with our spouses. We ask that everyone participate in healthy boundaries when speaking about their journey and adhere to the PPM guidelines and regulations. Postpartum Mamas is not a space to entertain gossiping or speak negatively about anyone else.
  • What months do PPM support groups meet?
    PPM support groups meet once or twice a month and follow the school year calendar, meeting monthly in September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, and June. We are not in session during the months of December, July, and August.
  • If there are any questions or concerns, whom do I go to? How will issues be resolved?"
    We ask that any concerns or questions be brought to the attention of your groups facilitator. She will help to respectfully resolve any issues, following PPM’s guidelines. Facilitator training meetings will also provide the appropriate environment to discuss any such concerns by facilitators and co-facilitators and improve support group moral.
  • What are some monthly topics or questions we will be discussing? Can I submit more monthly support group questions for all groups to use?
    Please see the Monthly Topics Calendar section. We welcome your ideas to add to our pool of questions. Contact your facilitator if you would like to share; the facilitator will pass on your ideas to Postpartum Mamas.
  • Why is childcare not available?
    Within PPM support groups, members will be discussing a broad range of potentially heavy adult topics. Therefore, we require that these groups include adults only. Breastfeeding babies under one year of age are welcome only if needed. We feel it is important for mothers to have a safe place to come once a month where they can focus on these deeper topics and express their feelings and concerns without children present. Within PPM support groups, members will be discussing a broad range of potentially heavy adult topics. Therefore, we require that these groups include adults only. Breastfeeding babies under one year of age are welcome only if needed. If your PPM support group is within a facility, childcare assistance is at the discretion of each facility.
  • If I am feeling like I am going to harm myself or others, what should I do?"
    Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should contact 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Postpartum Mamas is not trained to offer mental health assistance or counseling services. If anyone discloses intentions or desires to harm themselves, their children or others, PPM is legally obligated to contact authorities for the safety of all involved. PPM is a support group only. Anyone experiencing severe cases of postpartum depression we advise calling emergency services and anyone needing assistance with postpartum depression we advise calling a local psychiatrist, a counselor, and the Postpartum International hotline at 1-800-944-4773 or text 503-894-9453.
  • What are the immediate goals of PPM?
    To provide PPM support groups once a month and twice month in homegroups, churches, hospitals and facilities, and incorporate the PPM program in churches and hospitals and facilities locally and nationwide. To provide a nine-month PPM Curriculum that correlates with the nine-month PPM calendar year which provides a consistent topic for each month and a confidential support group for all mothers to talk about the “real struggles” throughout their journeys in motherhood. To provide nine PPM Healing Module Videos for healing tools for mothers as well as a “Postpartum Mamas Kit” for the entire nine-month PPM Curriculum and Healing Videos combined. To provide a mock “PPM” Support Group Video that provides a tangible resource for mothers to really see the real benefits of being a PPM member and to realize the significance of joining a PPM community of motherhood that empowers and serves as a healing mental health resource. To integrate our healing Postpartum Mamas Support Group program into local hospitals and churches nationwide. Each PPM support group will include a facilitator and co-facilitator, including a maximum of ten to thirteen members. PPM will provide emotional support to mothers in the community experiencing any and all struggles including but not limited to depression, post-partum depression, anxiety, miscarriages, infertility, grief, as well those who have mama struggles and blessings to share throughout their journeys of motherhood. This PPM program is for ALL mothers to talk about the “deep struggles” in motherhood that we all experience in unique and diverse ways and provide this in a non-judgmental and confidential environment. To provide lifetime enrollment in PPM Program which includes monthly community support as well as lifetime access to the PPM private FB group to form an authentic community in a safe and nonjudgmental space to express ourselves with other mothers who share struggles with the same issues and to show compassion and understanding throughout our journeys. Once enrolled, we encourage members to upload a family photo a biography onto the PPM FB page to introduce yourself to Postpartum Mamas. Members are also added onto the PPM Vocational List to help encourage and support all mothers with their vocational goals and dreams. Members are then enrolled in the PPM FB support group of your personalized support group of ten to thirteen mothers where you can grow and develop more meaningful support and relationships with your own group of mamas in your support group. This is a place to share about our weekly struggles, and to reach out for help when needed. Ex- in hospital, kids are sick, or giving birth, and need help from mamas with a meal prepared and brought etc. This can be organized within each group if desired. Mothers have access to these groups but by no means have pressure to be participating on a weekly basis. This is simply available for those mothers who desire the support in this way. A contact list is also given out for each PPM group so mothers have contact information to support each other within our communities. To provide healing and unconditional support from other mothers experiencing similar struggles and joys. To provide resources of books, quotations, inspirations, verses, and prepared resource hand-outs for each support group to keep for healing, reflection, and growth. Contributing to giving to a good cause to non-profits which support advocating for issues relating to Postpartum and which provide immediate resources via phone and within the area they live in, to get the immediate help they need for their mental wellness, as well as giving back to our community in need who need financial assistance during hard times. Contributing to the good cause of helping mamas with depression, postpartum and related issues to gain emotional support within their Postpartum Mama communities. Helping to de-stigmatize all struggles mothers experience including depression, Postpartum depression and associated related struggles with any correlating misperceptions. Supporting and contributing to the vision of PPM with a big vision to expand PPM nationwide in churches and hospitals to make an everlasting difference in the lives of mothers who struggle with mama struggles, pregnancy complications, mental health, health/wellness healing, and postpartum for generations to come.
  • What are the future goals of PPM?
    Continuing to expand and increase awareness of the powerful and healing tangible resource of Postpartum Mamas support groups and the correlating nine-month PPM curriculum and healing modules to provide the necessary healing needed for all mothers who struggle with depression, postpartum depression, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy complications, anxiety, and loneliness through motherhood. To support mothers dreams and vocational goals, aiding in holistic and emotional healing and improving mothers mental wellness which includes improved postpartum care for mothers all across the world in hospital and church settings. To increase the level of deep community and deep authentic conversations about our journeys in motherhood that is so lacking in our communities. PPM shares a vision of having support groups and facilitators in every state, every church, and every hospital, so that mothers everywhere struggling with Postpartum and mama struggles in motherhood have immediate support in their area and can also use their voices to empower positive change with postpartum health care for every mother. Another future goal of PPM is to provide personal counselors contact information on the website for a discounted counseling rate so that all mothers have access to improved postpartum mental health care within their areas. Our ultimate passion and visions are to get this much needed program funded by foundations, hospital facilities and church ministries nationwide to support the necessary and deserved improvement of mental wellness and postpartum care for mothers all across the world that is so greatly lacking in our culture. The time is NOW.
  • Can a member attend more than one PPM support group?
    We ask that all members stay with one consistent group. If they wish to change groups, we ask they wait six months to try and foster connections within their current group. If a change of group is desired, we ask that you contact your facilitator to request this.
  • What are the guidelines on the maximum number of mothers able to attend per support group?
    Support groups include ten to thirteen mothers maximum including the facilitator, co- facilitator, and any other facilitators in training. This is so that each mother gets an equal and fair amount of time to speak about their journeys.
  • If I want to order a Postpartum Mamas shirt, how do I do so?"
    *Shirts with the logo "The Struggle is Real & God’s Grace is Greater" will be available to purchase for $18 per shirt plus $7 for shipping per person for all members in February. Your facility or facilitator will fill out a Postpartum Mamas Shirt Order Form online under Forms in February. A minimum of six orders need to be made per group. Shirt orders are submitted one time per year in February of each year between the 1st and 30th of the month depending on the date of your first support group. We ask that you submit your orders in on the first group meeting in February by having your facilitator or facility submit the Shirt Form online in February. You will receive your shirts the following month in March. Please allow a maximum of 30 days to receive your orders as all groups will be ordering at different locations as well. There needs to be a minimum of six shirts ordered for each group. We ask that the facilitator fill out the Shirt Order Form online in February by the 30th of the month, and the form will get automatically sent to Postpartum Mamas. The easiest way to collect funds is for facilitators or facilities to collect cash from the members and submit your credit card for the group order. There is also a second option to collect each individuals credit card information on the form. Postpartum Mamas prefers the first option of one credit card per group order and thanks you in advance. Please remind members at your January group that orders will be placed on the first support of February and to bring their payments for shirts if they would like to order a shirt. Shirts are $18 plus shipping of $7 per person for all members. Please send an email to for any additional questions regarding ordering shirts.
  • What happens if any members of PPM decide to cancel membership?
    We ask that facilitators sign the Informed Consent form and commit to facilitate their PPM support group for the nine-month calendar year. PPM asks that facilitators notify PPM at least two months in advance to cancel membership so that PPM has appropriate time to find another facilitator to take over their group. We request that the facilitator ask their group cofacilitator if they are interested in this role. Facilitators, co-facilitators and members will be removed from their fb private groups after cancelling membership, for the safety and privacy of all other group members. We ask that any prior information disclosed in group by other group members remain confidential.
  • What does Postpartum Mamas proceeds go towards?
    50% of PPM donations and proceeds will go directly back into our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to giving tangible Mental Health Resources for them when in need or in crisis. Go to Mamas Mental Health Fund under Forms for more information. This will be an application process on our website approved by our Board of Directors per application. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks to process application and receive a response. Please know we will do our best to bless our mothers depending upon the current amount of funds Postpartum Mamas has and your particular Mental Health need. Please email this form to or you can also submit online on our website under Forms. Our hopes are to provide all mental health assistance including but not limited to counseling appointments when needed, mental health and postpartum pregnancy doctors appointments, holistic doctors appointments not covered by insurance such as acupuncture and massage to reduce anxiety, midwife and doula appointments, babysitting/childcare assistance, cleaning assistance, meal trains and meal assistance, grocery assistance, self-care retreat assistance, fitness/health management assistance, bible retreats assistance, personal wellness assistance, educational/career assistance to pursue degrees or contribute towards schooling or vocational certificates, women/mother empowerment to achieve her dreams. We are here and always will be here for all the mothers we serve and hopeful that the more donations we receive, the more we will be able to achieve these goals and the mission of Postpartum Mamas.
  • If I would like to donate to Postpartum Mamas 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, how do I donate to your organization?"
    Go to the donation page and go to the Donations Tab. You will be able to donate via paypal with a debit or credit card payment. You can also donate via venmo @ Postpartum Mamas We thank you for your generous support for our Postpartum Mamas Organization. 50% of PPM Proceeds will go directly back into our Postpartum Mamas Mental Health Fund in order to further support the mothers that we serve and to giving tangible Mental Health Resources for them when in need or in crisis.
  • Does Postpartum Mamas offer a Faith-Based Support Group Program and a Non-Faith Based program within facilities such as hospitals and churches?
    Yes, Postpartum Mamas is originally a faith-based program and during the integration process into facilities such as hospitals, a non-faith-based program was requested in which Postpartum Mamas created our 2nd version of our Program, entitled, “Postpartum Mamas Hospital Edition” which is our Non-Faith-Based Support group program which facilities now have the option of purchasing. For facilities such as churches hospitals etc: POSTPARTUM MAMAS has created 2 versions of our Postpartum Mamas Support Group Program for facilities. One version of our 9-month curriculum is for churches with our original faith-based program and the second version is our Postpartum Mamas Hospital Edition Curriculum which neutralizes and eliminates faith for the hospitals neutralized mainstream preferences. Please specify which version of the program you prefer to purchase the Faith or Non-Faith Based Program and we will make sure you receive the support group program that you prefer.
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