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Postpartum Mamas is a non-profit 501 c3 Organization that provides mental health support group for mothers experiencing depression, anxiety, miscarriage, infertility, domestic violence, parenting struggles, and blessings to share solely, to uplift, encourage and unite in a confidential and safe environment. We provide a faith and non-faith based curriculum in a 9-month support group program with nine mental health topics each month. Our program runs from September to June of each year with no meetings in December, July, or August.  

They say it takes a village, but our society has failed at bringing safe, healing environments to mothers during the most pivotal transition in her life, motherhood & Postpartum. Connect into a Postpartum support group with women just like you, and struggles just like you. 

All mothers regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs or background will be welcome and supported graciously. Mothers give sacrificially, unconditionally, and selflessly, and they deserve supportive community where they can grieve their difficulties and celebrate their blessings. 

The non-judgemental, empathetic, and most importantly-confidential environment of PPM support groups helps mothers feel heard, valued, and unconditionally supported. When we talk about our struggles in spaces that are loving, authentic, and real, we help to bring awareness to issues often hidden in fear of judgement or shame. 

Never be ashamed to share your story!


Fee for 1 Group (13 Mothers) is $767

Fee for 2 Groups (13 Mothers) is $1,534.

$150 Program and Curriculum Fee (includes program, curriculum, and all facilitator and membership handouts for monthly groups).

For more information visit


*Optional $59 annual registration donation


September: Suicide Awareness Month

October: Postpartum Depression

November: Infertility Miscarriage Month

January: Vocational Dreams

February: Self Worth & Identity

March: Personal Wellness Month

April: Anxiety/Blessings & Faith

May: Celebrating Motherhood

June: Support Systems

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Please send all payments through Venmo @postpartummamas or with a credit card below.

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