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Shirts with the logo "The Struggle is Real & God’s Grace is Greater" will be available to purchase for all members in February. Your facility or facilitator will fill out a Postpartum Mamas Shirt Order Form online under Forms in February. A minimum of six shirts need to be made per group. Shirt orders are submitted one time per year in February of each year between the 1st and 30th of the month depending on the date of your first support group. We ask that you submit your orders in on the first group meeting in February by having your facilitator or facility submit the Shirt Form online in February. You will receive your shirts the following month in March. Please allow a maximum of 30 days to receive your orders as all groups will be ordering at different locations as well. There needs to be a minimum of six shirts ordered for each group. We ask that the facilitator fill out the Shirt Order Form online in February by the 30th of the month, and the form will get automatically sent to Postpartum Mamas. The easiest way to collect funds is to collect cash from the members and submit your credit card for the group order. There is also a second option to write each individuals credit card info down on the form. Postpartum Mamas prefers the first option and thanks you in advance. Please remind members at your January group that orders will be placed on the first support of February.

Shirts are $18 plus $8 shipping (XL Sizes $3 more) depending upon the amount of shirts that are ordered and the location being shipped to. Please send an email to for any questions regarding cost in January or February once you know the quantity of shirts that are going to be ordered.

Shirt Order Form

Please send all payments through Venmo @postpartummamas


Thank You.

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