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Jenet Morrison

JENET MORRISON, Co-Facilitator

Jenet was born and raised in San Diego and loves the sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and rich ethnic diversity. She has always been drawn to helping people. Jenet is a certified Jazzercise instructor, and values her role as a fitness professional helping women of all ages achieve their fitness goals and prioritizing their health. 

Jenet has over 25 years of experience serving families as a childcare provider. As a mother to seven children of her own, she is very familiar with the sacred time for families transitioning to life with a new baby. She strongly believes that when a mother is respected and well cared for she, and her whole family will benefit. 

Jenet completed her postpartum doula training and certification with Austin Baby Guru. 


(760) 586-3786

Liz Gomez

LIZ GOMEZ, Co-Facilitator

Liz Gomez lives in Placentia, CA with her husband and 2 boys (5yr old Joshua and 7 months old Jonah).  On her down time, Liz enjoys family time in the backyard, baking, hiking and reading.

Currently, Liz works as a Mental Health Therapist and provides psychotherapy to adults, couples and families in Brea, CA. Liz enjoys working with women who are experiencing emotional distress due to the changes that come from motherhood including “mom-guilt”, poor self-image, identity confusion, personal boundary issues and post-partum depression and anxiety.

Liz has chosen to join the mission of PPM, because there is no other group that allows mothers the sacredness of mothering one another through active listening, a non-judgmental stance and unconditional support.

Having traveled through dark seasons where infertility, fear, and anxiety seemed unbearable; Liz is as much a participant, as she is a co-facilitator.


626) 664-8418

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