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Postpartum Mamas Support Group
Fall 2023-2024

Bloomington-Normal Zoom

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3rd Thurs each month Zoom
6:30 PM CST

Hi, my name is Shelby! I am a wife, mama of two beautiful children and owner of Messy to Mighty Mama Life Coaching which I started in 2022. My family and I currently reside in Central Illinois where I have lived my entire life. I'm an avid coffee drinker, absolutely adore reading, and when it's warm out you will rarely find me indoors. 


When I had my first child, life was pure bliss. So you can imagine how unprepared I was for having my second child and being completely blindsided by postpartum depression. Postpartum depression brought about the darkest point in my life and it took me MANY years to overcome it. Along my journey to recovering from my depression I quit my 9 year corporate career and decided to focus intently on my healing and my family. The biggest part of my healing came from making the decision to become a life coach and obtain my certification. Throughout the training and upon receiving this certification, I uncovered my true calling... helping other mamas. It became clear to me that I survived my postpartum depression for a reason, and that reason was so I could help other mamas who are struggling to survive motherhood take back control over their lives. And this is how my coaching practice, Messy to Mighty Mamas, was born. 


It is also how I was guided towards Postpartum Mamas, where I was welcomed with loving, open arms and able to connect with mothers from all different backgrounds. I truly believe there is power in community, and together we are invincible. I am so thankful for this group of beautiful women.

I have fully dedicated myself to my family and helping other mamas, and there is nothing more that brings me joy in this life.


Zoom Meetings

(630) 664-0517

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