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The Real Mamas of Gig Harbor Group
Olivia Sheridan & Lacey Mund Facilitators


Lacey Mund is a Navy Spouse and mom of six- three bonus children and three carbon copies. Being a mom is a huge part of her identity and many of her passions have evolved through motherhood, such as; breastfeeding, childbirth education and mental health.

Lacey became passionate about mental health through her own journey and struggles with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. She has a heart for helping others and an educational background in Organizational Leadership and Resource Management. She worked professionally in healthcare for the past 3 years up until the birth of her last son 9 months ago. She's been a military spouse for one year and although there are several challenges, it's opened up many doors and created strong bonds and friendships.


Her goal is to help put an end to the stigma and shame that still surrounds mental illness. To be a safe space where mothers can connect and share each other's experiences and burdens.

Lacey said, "I'm embracing the opportunity to help empower mothers and focus my attention on the military community here in Kitsap. This organization is a resource our mamas need. It's already given so many women hope and a sense of community. We need more support during pregnancy and especially after. I feel honored to be a small part of something that has the potential to benefit millions." 






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