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Postpartum Mamas Support Group
Fall 2023-2024

1st Wednesday each month 7:00pm 

Holly Alejo Facilitator



Holly Alejo (760) 277-9361


Holly was a former founding member of Advocacy for students at Fremont School for the Deaf and Fremont School  for the Blind while completing her internship for Chabot college in California. She is the founder for Paddleboarding excursions in Southern California with individuals without limbs, due to trauma or accidents, creating abilities for them to enhance their life through water therapy paddleboarding. Holly got her Bachelor's degree in business at California State University East Bay. Holly attended Quantum University learning advanced techniques for the process of brain, heart and mind coherence exercising the brain through a process of Metacognition and Neuroplasicity. She holds her Masters in Meditation where she gently leads others in the path of deep inner healing and empowers women to rebuild and create their new life moving through pain, transition, trauma, and healing. She is very active in volunteering for midwifery and the birthing process from prenatal to labor and delivery into the depths of Postpartum. She is an advocate for mothers fighting for custody in the judicial court system process as she is a single mother of two teenage sons, and left a marriage experiencing domestic violence herself.  She knows what it’s like to have to get up and fight a battle every day to fight for dignity and freedom as an empowered  woman and mother no matter the economical burdens and low access to resources which are faced in the process. Holly assists in valuable meditation techniques during our support groups for mothers, observes & participates in our California support group, and assists with the annual mental health healing annual PPM retreats as a Facility & Outreach Coordinator. She also is currently battling and surviving breast cancer and leads her life with hope and optimism no matter the circumstances. Holly comes from a diversified, culture and background, and is from Pacific Islander, Swedish, and Native American roots. 

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