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Fly True Midwifery  Poulsbo Group
BECKY BARD, Facilitator

Becky was born and raised in Washington State. She and her husband have two young daughters and a fur baby, Berkley the Beagle. Becky loves overcast days, exploring new parks, and being the oldest sister of three.


As a young girl, Becky always gravitated towards community and longed for a large family. Growing up she woke many mornings to the sight of baby foals taking their first steps and found herself in awe of the strength and endurance of the horses during birth.


With a husband in the United States Airforce starting a family meant that there was a chance Becky’s husband may not be able to be present for her own children’s births. For this reason, Becky hired a birth doula and when her first daughter was born, she was able to have what she considers one of the most empowering days of her life. A year after her daughter was born, she completed a Birth Doula workshop and started her own Birth Doula business, Harbor of Hope Birth Services, in Kitsap County, Washington.


As empowered as Becky felt during her births, she found that as a society we were lacking support in the postpartum period. She found limited support groups and felt a sense of isolation and sadness after both of her daughters’ births. After being introduced to Postpartum Mamas, Becky found the support and community she had been missing.


Becky is a DONA International Trained Doula, a Certified Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement Doula with Still Birthday University, and a trained Hypnobabies Doula. 

Karalynn Conley 



Hi! I’m Karalynn. I am married to the love of my life, and we have two beautiful children. I grew up here in Washington and plan to be here forever! We live on a mini farm complete with chickens, kittens, a large garden and of course, lots of projects. In our free time you can find me hiking mountains, drinking too much coffee, or spending time with our friends. I am a certified birth doula through DONA and a full-time student working my way towards a degree in midwifery. After the birth of my children, I have experienced postpartum depression and anxiety. I have CPTSD along with depression and anxiety outside of having children. My husband and I knew the sudden changes in responsibilities would trigger old wounds. We lacked a support village and supportive medical providers after our son’s adoption. This left me feeling alone and overwhelmed with a medically complex newborn who just graduated the NICU. When we learned we were pregnant with our daughter after a long journey with infertility and reoccurring miscarriages, we wanted to make sure we established a support group and had a supportive care provider/therapist to help me navigate the challenges ahead. Thankfully, I found Postpartum Mamas and have been so grateful for the connection and support this group has brought.


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