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PAIGE FRANZEN, Facilitator

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Paige is a resilient single mother to five beautiful children and has always had a passion for physical activity, motherhood, intimate friendships, encouragement and serving others. 

Having gone through very difficult life situations, she has always found solace in her faith which centered and allowed her to thrive in sports, close and nurturing relationships that were supportive and non-judgmental along with organizations that met her where she was in whatever life stage she encountered.

Through all of those provisions, she always recognized and desired to offer her gifts and passions to come alongside anyone who needed support and provide a safe and nurturing space for them to rest and be encouraged in, no matter what they were going through.Paige feels that Postpartum Mamas is one of the few organizations that enables women, like herself, a single, working mother of five, to help and come alongside each other in an environment that fosters safety, trust, love, and hope in one of the most vulnerable times in one’s life, sacred motherhood. She finds exuberant joy to serve any and all that brave themselves to ask for friends and confidants during the most joyful and unraveling period of a woman’s journey. Paige has her Life Coaching Certification from the Certified Coach Life Institute and has coached and greatly improved the mental health of many woman and mothers with a variety of personal and relationship concerns within Postpartum Mamas and beyond. 


(253) 961-5639

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