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"Wiregrass WY/AL Mamas ZOOM Group"

Tamara Huguenin

Tammy Huguenin, Co-Facilitator

I am a mother of 4 and Nana to 14 amazing human beings! I have worked with new moms and families for over 30 years and most of that was 21 years as a Military Wife,  Family Readiness Committee Member and Support Facilitator. I have my CDA(Child Development Accreditation) in birth to 3 years old. I have been a Certified Postpartum Doula for over 5 years and truly love helping families in their journey through the fourth trimester. I am volunteer New Parent Partner for our local CAPA Program and a member of the Spokane Professional Doula Association.

Jackie Groth.jpg

Jackie Groth, Co-Facilitator

I am a wife, a new mom of one, and dog mom of two. I am so blessed to be on this motherhood journey. A little bit about my motherhood journey and why Postpartum Mamas is so important to me:

Back in the fall of 2018 I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were ecstatic. I went to my first prenatal appointment and found out our baby didn’t have a heartbeat. We were devastated. After about a month or so we started trying again and nothing was happening. Finally in March 2019; My doctor wanted to test me for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I was waiting to go in for my second blood draw when I decided to take a pregnancy was positive. I was in complete shock. Very over the moon happy but in complete shock, I didn’t think we were ever going to get pregnant. We were so excited for our rainbow baby, but every time I had a doctor’s appointment I got the worst anxiety. Another appointment meant we had to find and listen to the heart beat. Anytime the doctor put the Doppler on my stomach I stopped breathing, waiting for the bad news, it never came. Pregnancy after loss is so hard. I was waiting for bad news constantly. But in December our sweet baby girl came early. We are so blessed to have our miracle. 

Postpartum Mamas is so important to me because it has given me a place to share my story. It’s a space that women can come together and relate to each other and express how they are feeling, their fears, their hopes and dreams and feel validated and heard. It’s a place where we can all support each other and know other women have/are experiencing similar things. It’s a place to be lifted up. I am so blessed and honored to get the opportunity to help women not feel so alone. 

Laurie Roberts

Laurie Roberts, Co-Facilitator

Hello mamas! I'm a mom of five in a blended family.  Three of the five are mine biologically,  with the youngest having arrived in May 2020. 


I've experienced PPD, most heavily with my first child.  It's an experience that can feel very isolating since the world portrays motherhood as a picture perfect instant bond. Thankfully I was able to participate in a postpartum moms group after my second child, which helped tremendously.  


I firmly believe God created us to be relational - that there are seasons where we need the support of others to thrive.  I have a huge heart for Postpartum Mamas and I'm so excited to bring this material to the Wiregrass!



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